Susan did her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Becky McDaniel at In Balance Yoga in 2012. In 2014, she did a restorative certification with Colleen Dwyer in Nashville, TN and she is currently working on completing a 300 hour teaching training course through Uttara Yoga Studio in Roanoke, VA.  Her 300 hour teaching training is led by Gracia McKinley and Jill Loftis and has an adaptive yoga and energy body theme.  She has taught yoga at In Balance Yoga since 2012 and also at Akke’s Yoga Place. She most enjoys teaching hot, restorative, and Hatha style yoga classes.


Susan initially started her yoga journey at In Balance Yoga and immediately fell in love with Hot Yoga.  Her physical body started transforming and she felt like she belonged somewhere for the first time in her life.  She loves the regularity of the sequence and believes this type of sequence is a wonderful way for yogis to find a moving meditation which is a powerful tool for a finding peace, which she thinks we all are looking for.


Susan’s overall philosophy as a yoga teacher is come as you are, listen to your body, and ask for help. She is more concerned on how your energy body feels within a pose rather than a pose looking a certain way. As an example, if Warrior 2 pose looks anatomically perfect, but a student feels tension in their shoulder girdle, Susan explores the way the pose could be modified so the energy can flow more freely while still maintaining the intensity of the posture. The adaptive yoga training she is currently undergoing will allow her to better serve students where ever they are in their practice.  For students with physical limitations, she will be able to offer different poses that work towards the same goal of the original posture.  By engaging the energy body, very challenging poses, like handstand, can be done in a completely supported way while still feeling the work of this type of challenging posture. Her goal as a teacher is to have students leaving her classes feeling they were physically challenged in a kind way to their body while achieving a deep sense of inner peace.