Family and friends call her Jojo. She’s been sharing alignment-based flow yoga, yin, restorative yoga and myofascial release classes up and down the east coast since 2010 in a myriad of settings. She’s a huge fan of vulnerability, gritty conversations, and allowing movement to be a source into freedom. That’s one of the many lessons her yoga practice has pulled to the surface since she began in 2008 and she often shares from that space. She started her practice in a corporate setting just outside the conference room at her previous 9-5. Now, as an anatomical enthusiast, she sees the body from the inside-out. She loves stacking each unique body only to discover the hidden expansion and freedom that comes with it.

She has shared the practice in Richmond, VA, Charleston, SC, NYC, Brooklyn , NY, and now in Blacksburg, VA and has called each of those spots home at one point in the past 10 years. Jo received her certification as a 5Elements Flow Yoga teacher with the Kunga Yoga School and Kristin Cooper-Gulak with Noelle Whittington at IBY in December 2017. Everyone she’s met along the way she credits as her teachers, mentors and her overall inspiration. She recently left the big city for her hometown as a platform for some future endeavors and radical change. She loves sharing the practice, and can’t imagine doing anything else.

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