Candy is known for her calm energy, patience, and inviting heart. Students say, “She gets it!” Her heart-felt intention is to invite her students to trust their innate wisdom. As a registered dance/movement psychotherapist and yogini, she believes this wisdom comes from loving and trusting one’s body as well as being able to enter a place of not knowing and surrendering to the process.  She believes that it is in this place that we are able to let go of the stories that keep us stuck and find the confidence to live freely.  As a certified in Itsy Bitsy Yoga® instructor, she feels privileged to create a space where this process can flourish for young families.  Candy’s love is facilitating healthy development in young children and has had the privilege of studying with some of the top infant and early childhood specialists in the world.  She brings to her work an understanding of the importance of motor/movement development and how it invites us in to better understand the inner world of our children and ourselves.  Candy believes that it is through the ability to be present with ourselves and others that allows us to live our best and most authentic life.  As we connect with ourselves and live in this genuine way, we allow others to do the same.  Learn more about Candy at