Aaron began his yoga journey in 2013. With a background in athletics and competitive sports, Aaron took his skills as a coach and athlete to the mat in order to bring yoga to as many populations as possible. Aaron works to teach that all people are able to find a relationship with their body and mind.

Aaron is RYT200 certified with Yoga Alliance through the Kunga Yoga School. Kunga yoga teaches service, ahimsa (non-violence), and compassion for all beings. Aaron studied under Nicole Boyle, Kristen Cooper-Gulak, and Lisa Pelanne.

As a public school teacher, Aaron strives to bring movement and mindfulness into his classroom. He has worked with young people since 2011, and he sees teaching youth to be confident, capable members of their community is the surest path to establishing the good life for all. With yoga, Aaron encourages mindful breathing, communication, and regular breaks for movement during instruction.

Before yoga, Aaron’s primary focus was long-distance running. When he discovered yoga, much of that focus was redirected towards learning asana practice and incorporating the other limbs into his life. Being a runner, Aaron knows well the demands that athletes put on their bodies. Yoga created the balanced approach to athletics that Aaron now encourages his students to integrate.

Aaron lives in the rural surroundings of Blacksburg, Va with his wife and two dogs.