Saint Francis Service Dogs has a goal of raising $65,000 through this event for 2024, and we need your help to get there!
During the week of April 15-21, Barks ‘n Rec is an opportunity for everyone to do their favorite activities, all
for a good cause. All proceeds from the event will help Saint Francis raise, train, and place service dogs with individuals with physical and developmental disabilities throughout the state of Virginia and surrounding areas. 
In Balance Yoga is hosting an envent for Barks ‘n Rec- St. Francis Service Dogs will share their mission along with two of their field trainers and two dogs in Advanced Training with a demonstration from the trainers and dogs. $25 to attend with all proceeds benefiting St. Francis Service Dogs! 

This powerful blend of stress-relieving techniques will leave you feeling relaxed and restored. Through the breath, you have the capacity to awaken and energize your body/mind, as well as to calm the nervous system releasing any anxiety or tension. After the breathwork, you will transition comfortably into a meditative state, the deepest form of guided meditation, blissful Yoga Nidra.

*Bring your mat, a pillow, water, and dress comfortably.

Alignment and proper technique for 20 basic TRX exercises. Learn how to use the suspension trainer for upper body, lower body, core and cardio options. This session offers small group, personalized instruction to help you understand correct form and execution of TRX exercises.

Embrace Your Rhythm: A Yoga and Dance Experience
Join us at In Balance Yoga on May 4th, from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM, for a unique fusion of movement, music, and community in a workshop designed to liberate your spirit and connect deeply with your body. Noelle Whittington (Narayani) and Stephen Diesel (Passerine) invite you to “Embrace Your Rhythm,” an invigorating session where yoga meets the dynamic world of dance.

What to Expect

This isn’t your typical yoga class. Led by Narayani, a seasoned instructor in both yoga and dance, alongside the vibrant beats curated by DJ Passerine, you’ll explore the joyful synthesis of yogic practice with dance. Our special “twerkshop” segment promises to bring fun off the mat, inviting you to groove to an eclectic mix of tribal sounds, funk soul, bass house, grime, and UK garage. It’s about moving together, fostering deeper connections, and embracing play in every step.

Who Can Join

Absolutely everyone! Whether you’re a yoga enthusiast, a dance lover, or someone looking to try something new, this workshop is crafted for all levels of experience. There are no prerequisites other than a good attitude and an openness to experience joy through movement. **No Yoga Mat Needed!

Registration and Details

• Date and Time: May 4th, 7:00 – 8:30 PM
• Location: In Balance Yoga Studio
• Instructors: Noelle Whittington (Narayani) and Stephen Diesel (Passerine)
• What to Bring: Just your awesome self and a good attitude. All are welcome, and no specific gear is required.
Prepare to leave feeling energized, connected, and a little sweaty, with a heart full of joy and your body thanking you for the fun. We can’t wait to move, groove, and grow with you at “Embrace Your Rhythm” – where every move is a step toward joy and connection.

75 minute all-levels workshop teaching exercises to help strengthen your core and posterior chain including your back, legs, glutes etc. The workshop will also incorporate exercises that help with posture, balance, flexibility, and mobility that can all lead to a stronger and happy back. Exercises taught during class will be emailed after to all participants.

Om shanti, shanti, shanti. Unity, peace, peace, peace. Easier to say, perhaps much more challenging to embody. Utilizing techniques from long-standing practices that encourage ahimsa (non-violence), this workshop will provide space for cultivating inner peace in the contemporary world. This practice is suited to those who have an interest or curiosity in contemplative meditation, regardless of whether you have a routine meditation practice. The workshop will begin with an explanation of “finding your seat” and the structure of the silent meditation techniques. We will then proceed into a mix of unguided, silent stationary (“seated”) and mobile (“walking”) meditation. In this quiet, one may find the array of humanity. We will close our time with a community circle to discuss the practice and our intentions moving forward.

On the eve of the new moon, we invite you to join us for a restorative evening. Combining the teaching of restorative, prop-supported postures, breathwork, and guided Yoga Nidra (a deeply restful and meditative practice) – this evening session is intended to support your self-care. The time for deep grounding in the spring season is coming to a close. In the company of community, we will embody the notion of rest as a way to enter gently into the most fiery of seasons, summer. Informed by Ayurvedic tradition, Betsy and Erin will prepare a variety of herbal teas to support your rest in this transition. Bring your favorite mug, a comfortable pair of socks, and we’ll guide you through an evening practice that embraces the transitions of the season.

Friday PM Sutra class, May 17 (2.5 hours) 5:00 – 7:30 pm
Restorative Yoga and the Yoga Sūtra for the Psychonaut
Much like an astronaut, the psycho-naut ventures into the wide unknown of their own consciousness. Yogic posture is the seat from which Yoga begins and is meant to be practiced along with the study of metaphysical texts. Combining longer holds in restorative postures with the philosophy and Psychology of the Yoga Sutra along with an exploration of Pranayama.

Saturday AM Asana Class, May 18 (3 hours) 10 AM – 1 PM
Sushumna Nādi – The Place of Pilgrimage
Sushumna Nādi is described as ‘she who is most gracious’, and is accessed through the central nervous system as balanced awareness. Standing, balancing and twisting Āsana with a focus on diaphragmatic breath and a responsive and stable pelvic floor.

Saturday Sutra class (2.25 hours), May 18 3 – 5:15 pm
The Nine Rites of Passage: Yoga Sūtra & Discourse
Patañjali advises the Yoga aspirant that it is not a matter of if, but when the challenges arise. Often misconstrued as obstacles, the antarāyā are in fact to be embraced as rites of passage that initiate the revelation of breakthrough experience. Chanting with time for group discussion.

Sunday AM Asana Class (3 hours) May 19 10 AM – 1 PM
Clearing the Heart and Unloading the Shoulders
The key to cellular lightness lies in the link between your nervous system, pelvic floor and the Earth’s magnetic field. An invigorating practice of spinal extension in a safe and sustainable manner to support free breathing.

Sunday Sutra class (2.25 hours) May 19 3 – 5:15 pm
The Essential Yoga Vitamins: Yoga Sūtra & Discourse
Yoga is mostly a process of character building while success on the spiritual path is a journey of meeting our challenges face to face. In realization that addressing our challenges is both the process and the experience of Yoga, we are advised to fortify ourselves with the Essential Yoga vitamins of right attitude that precede psycho-spiritual maturity. Chanting with time for group discussion.

Yoga for Peri & Menopause: Balance & Strength Series
Live Zoom + On-Demand, unlimited lifetime access experience.
August 3, 10, 17, 24 from 11am-12pm MT + on-demand, unlimited lifetime viewing.
1. Yoga for Pelvic Health Anatomy and Movement
1. Interception and joy
2. Balance Mood, Memory, and Hormones
1. Practices for mood fluctuations, improving memory, and hot flashes
3. Connect, Calm & Inspired
1. Centering home to yourself and your body feeling calm, creative, and courageous.
4. Yoga for Peri & Menopause: Strength & Balance
1. 60 minute yoga with postures on the floor and standing
2. Prop variations offered in video description
3. No yoga experience required

This 3 day course provides participants with the knowledge and skill required to provide a 90 minute Thai Massage. Participants will gain insight into the history of the art form, technique, self care, and business practices. It also provides participants with a sequence that integrates all the essential techniques that make Thai Massage a unique art form. This adaptable sequence will provide the ability to create specific individual experiences whether you will use these skills to incorporate into yoga teachings, to provide one-on-one treatments and more.
In order to complete the certification, participants must take part in a practicum that requires them to provide 5 free massages to people in their community. After each session, participants journal about their experience, challenges, and observations and submit this journal to Francisco for review and guidance. During the practicum, participants have direct contact with Francisco in order to continue to progress from one session to the next.

Once the practicum has concluded, participants receive their certificate and can then move on into their practice as Thai Bodyworkers in their community.

Benefits of Restorative Yoga include:

General physical and mental relaxation and rejuvenation
Movement and release of lactic acid and lymphatic fluid in the body, increasing immune function
Lower blood pressure & cortisol levels
Increased body-mind-spirit connection through mindfulness meditation
Activation of the relaxation response through the parasympathetic nervous system
Gentle flush of the internal organs through deeper breath work (Pranayama)

The Kunga Restorative Yoga Teacher Training certification is for students and teachers of all levels seeking to reduce tension and stress, and learn the art and skill of preparing sequences and teaching restorative yoga for all populations. This training includes therapeutic applications for pregnant women, students with cancer and practices for those simply seeking more relaxation and reduction of anxiety.

5Elements Flow Yoga is a model of five creative, dynamic vinyasa flow practices within the Kunga Yoga School developed by Kristin Cooper-Gulak and inspired by the teachings of Ayurveda. 5Elements Flow is based on the “panchamahabhutus”; or the five great elements of nature, and is for students of all levels. This practice teaches a deeper understanding of the elements through unique namaskars and posture sequencing, and offers the practitioner a toolbox of five flow practices which correlate with changing seasons and life cycles. This palette of creative practices-from deeply grounding to highly energizing-creates a foundation for sustaining a lifelong yoga practice.

The 5Elements Flow model includes the following classes:

5Elements Earth Flow
5Elements Water Flow
5Elements Air Flow
5Elements Fire Flow
5Elements Space Flow

All 5Elements Flow practices are set sequence classes, meaning that the same sequence of namaskars and asanas are taught every time in every class.

5Elements Flow Yoga Teacher Training Certification is for aspiring and experienced teachers wishing to deepen their knowledge of vinyasa “flow” practices, and the ayurvedic effects of asana. Ayurveda is known as the sister science of yoga, and teachers with this understanding of the ayurvedic effect of asana can more fully support their students and private clients with a plethora of tools and options applicable to the individual’s needs. Participants will also learn the secrets of vinyasa sequencing of families of asanas and peak poses, as well as practical teaching tools. Vinyasa or “Flow” practices are the most popular style of yoga practiced across the U.S., and the tools gained in this certification can be applied in multiple settings. Upon completion of this training, you will be certified to teach all five of the 5Elements Flow Yoga practices. All participants receive a complete manual with photo glossary.