To Book Your Space!

Pricing varies from room to room and bed to bed. Please contact Nicole at 540-239-9960 / [email protected] OR Cindy at 518-727-0984 / [email protected] to inquire and we can help to provide you with the best option based on your needs.


West Virginia June 9 – 12, 2022

Retreat includes:

  • Accommodations
  • 3 vegetarian morning snacks including fruit, coffee and tea
  • 3 vegetarian brunches
  • 3 vegetarian dinners
  • Multiple Yoga classes offered daily by Nicole and Cindy
  • Multiple Yoga workshops offered daily by Nicole and Cindy for CEUs
  • Opportunity to lead/teach class for peer feedback

Please Note: 

  • Retreat is limited to 20 participants
  • Be 1 of the first 5 to register and receive $100 off!
  • $300 Non-refundable deposit required upon pre-registration

Remaining balance due by May 1, 2022

Proposed Itinerary:

7-8am Yoga class

9-1030 Workshop

1030-1130 Brunch

1-2 Yoga class

230-4 Workshop

430-530 Yoga class

6-7 Dinner

7-830 Satsang

Yoga Classes offered by Cindy & Nicole (and any volunteer retreat participants):

Hot 26

Hot Vinyasa


Peak Pose Vinyasa Flow


Barkan Vinyasa

Dharma Level 2/3 Flow

Workshops offered by Cindy & Nicole:

Energy Medicine Yoga

In this workshop you will learn the Chinese 5Elements, meridians, acupressure points, breathwork and meditation and how they can help you release stuck energy in the body (fear, anger, grief/sadness, anxiety). You will learn how to utilize these teachings to share inner nurturing and self care for optimal health/wellness with your students.

Flow It Like You Know It

Know your Flow! In this workshop we will explore the foundations of a Vinyasa Yoga class, from alignment principles to psychological components to strength fundamentals, that will assist students in progressing towards a safer practice and more advanced poses.  Students will learn how to transition with grace, adding both modifications and variations where desired.  Students will also learn how to do the most common and repetitive movements of a Vinyasa class correctly to eliminate the risks of injury.  While this workshop will be the best way for a new student to create good habits in their practice, it will also inform more experienced students where they have developed bad habits in theirs too.

Flow It Like You Know It Part II: 

Sun Salutations and Foundational Standing Poses  

In this workshop we will break down basic sun salutations (A, B & C) and the various standing poses within them. Students will learn to practice safe sun salutations with fluidity, breath and proper alignment. Building on the fundamentals explored in Flow it Like You Know It Part I, we will move into transitions such as jump back and jump forward and how they can enhance our flow and sun salutations.

Hot 26 Posture Clinic I & II (Standing Series & Floor Series) 

In this workshop we will break down the poses in the Hot 26 series. You will explore ways to deepen your practice safely and efficiently, creating more focus and strength along the way. This workshop will help you learn how to get the most out of your hot practice.

The Paths of Yoga 

In this workshop we will explore the various Paths of Yoga set forth in the Bhagavad Gita. This workshop is designed for teachers just interested in learning more about Yoga philosophy and/or developing their own spiritual practices in this crazy age of Kali Yuga!

Cultivating Your Vision & Long Term Plan

Think with the end in mind! Dream big and use SMART goals to achieve your long term vision. We will learn how to develop specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and measurable goals to help you continue to build your dreams and not get stuck in your to-do list. Understanding your values and how to connect them to your life’s work.


At Casa Om

Being co-led by Nicole LaFon! 

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