Staff Member Highlight of the Month- Meet Jack!
1. What are you most excited about sharing in your classes? My Soul mission is to help others reach their highest potential. I share all the knowledge and wisdom I have attained over years of self-healing and study in many modalities with a prayer that those present will discover and activate their healer within. I am just a conduit thru which energy flows to facilitate that self-realized healing opportunity.
2. What is your favorite thing about being a part of In Balance Yoga’s community? Over the years I have observed the In Balance community grow and expand not only in numbers and diversity but also in the range of modalities beyond basic yoga. This allows the community to grow in ways that address the whole person – physically, mentally and spiritually.
3. Any last thoughts to share? It is a deep honor to be in service to the beautiful community of In Balance Yoga, southwest Virginia and beyond.
Member Highlight of the Month; learn more about Jane!
1. How did yoga find you?
I was living in Carrboro, NC as a graduate student, working on my dissertation. I started practicing yoga at Carrboro Yoga Company as a break from long days of writing. What I found was that yoga wasn’t only a much needed break, but it helped me to be more present and focused while writing my dissertation. I like to say that I would never have finished my dissertation if I hadn’t found yoga.
2. What is your favorite thing about being a part of In Balance Yoga’s community?
I love the variety of classes offered by many different teachers at In Balance Yoga! I’m partial to the hot yoga classes and sound healing, but I’ve tried yin yoga, weights classes, stretching, deep relaxation, gentle flow, and others. I also love that my 9-year-old daughter can practice at In Balance Yoga. I didn’t have the same opportunity at her age – she is already learning self-care, presence, and focus through the practice of yoga.
3. Any last thoughts to share?
I would encourage anyone considering yoga for the first time to just try a class. After finishing graduate school, I was away from yoga for several years. Just over 2 years ago, I came to In Balance Yoga both curious and scared about trying hot yoga. Now, I couldn’t imagine my life without it!