Staff Member Highlight of the Month- Meet Erin!
1. What are you most excited about sharing in your classes? I try to give people a place to land exactly as they are on a given day, to find themselves and practice breathing, moving, and being still. I teach warm flow/vinyasa, hot flow mix and Barkan hot set classes. People come to practice for a variety of reasons and I love that yoga meets you where you are, whether you are seeking to build strength, confidence, flexibility, balance and/or find calm and grounding. Yoga even meets us when we don’t know what we need. I have been practicing yoga since 1999 and I am so grateful for all my teachers along the way. I also love the way Judith Lasater talks about upa gurus; upa means “near”: the people near us always have something to teach us (both in life and yoga:)). If we pay attention and stay curious, there are endless opportunities to learn, to grow, and (something that I sometimes forget), to be gentle and kind to ourselves and others.
2. What is your favorite thing about being a part of In Balance Yoga’s community? So many things! I love the people (members, Karma staff, other teachers) and the space. IBY really is one of my favorite places in the world to be. I love the range of classes that are offered, how welcoming and supportive the studio is, and the focus on giving back, both to the nonprofits associated with Kunga Yoga and local organizations. Lately, I have really loved getting to teach interactive donations workshops with Jen Miller and Nicole LaFon focused on particular poses. I also love making playlists and incorporating music into the classes I teach.
3. Any last thoughts to share? Gratitude for everyone in this community. When people find out I practice or teach yoga they often tell me why they don’t try or practice yoga: I am not flexible, I can’t sit still, etc. It’s so interesting that these are the same reasons most of us DO practice yoga. It’s all just showing up, trying and practicing. It is for you.
Member Highlight of the Month; learn more about Amy!
1. How did yoga find you?
I kind of fell into yoga 17 years ago. I lived in Charlotte, NC. I was a stay at home momma of 2 and friend of mine (amazing yoga teacher) gave me some advice to try yoga to find a little balance with my workout schedule and family life. Well I would mislead you to tell you I fell in love with it the very first time, in fact the first yoga class I felt so unbalanced, the very purpose of why I wanted to be there. I was fidgety, insecure and could not understand what foot went where. I felt like I was in a comedy show. It was not until the second or maybe third class that I understood that nobody was looking and to breathe. It is something that has helped so many different places in my life with confidence I walk taller when I practice and find a peace within that gives my mental health strength. I actually can’t image walking through life now without it.
2. What is your favorite thing about being a part of In Balance Yoga’s community?
I love the feeling of comfort when you walk into the door, especially with Nicole’s special talent of knowing everybody’s name. I love all the awesome classes available they have something for everyone at every level. All the instructors are always there to help and answer any questions. They have community classes and donations classes which help circle back to always giving back to the community. All around a grounding place to practice.
3. Any last thoughts to share?
I have seen the studio continue to bounce back after a few years of struggling from having to close down, it adapted like many of us had to and came out stronger on the other side. It is balance.