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We have taught private group classes for bridal parties, girl’s night, sororities, clubs, organizations, athletic teams and businesses.

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Aerial for Beginners

In Balance Yoga has 14 Aerial Hammocks with a double attachment point hung from four ceiling steel beams.  For students with little to no experience with Aerial Yoga.  Learn the basic skills with us! Experience the feel of the hammock, learn proper alignment, and practice safe entry on and off hammock. Introduction to aerial poses, simple flowing sequences & basic inversions. Strengthen upper body muscles and develop core strength. The hammock is suspended at hip height – release chronic tension, experience “lightness” and have a lot of fun!

Aerial Strength & Fly

Aerial Strength & Fly is a fusion of exercises using the aerial hammocks, yoga mat, hand weights and other props to enhance the class. Expect a fun & challenging workout using the hammock for bodyweight and other strengthening exercises. We will incorporate pilates and barre inspired moves, balance work, and yoga – based stretching. Breakdown tricky transitions, explore deeper inversions and more advanced yoga poses. Each class will be unique and exciting – come ready to sweat and work!

**Pre-Requisites: you must have attended 1 Aerial for Beginners class here at In Balance Yoga before you can join this class

Aerial for Experienced

Ready to learn to fly more?  You are already comfortable with your hammock, have taken at least 3 of our Aerial for Beginners and are familiar with our basic inversions – then this class is for you! With less time focused on introductions and instruction on our basic flow we can spend more time exploring deeper inversions, challenging transitions, and more advanced aerial yoga poses! Transitions will be quick and complex, building on our Aerial Class. Develop core power & stability through strengthening exercises using the hammock. Build stamina, explore coordination skills and fly with us!

**Pre-Requisites: you must have attended 3 Aerial for Beginners classes here at In Balance Yoga before you can join the Experienced Class

Restorative Hammock Yoga & Meditation

This class is for anyone seeking deep release & total relaxation. Unlike a regular aerial class that places the hammock at hip height, the hammock for restorative aerial is around 12 inches off of the ground. The low hammock offers greater support and deeper relief of tension in key areas: hips, shoulders, and low back. Class consists of 4-6 poses held in extremely supported ways for longer duration. The extended time in each posture allows the instructor to personalize the practice to each student, assisting them in use of the props, adjustment of body position, and gentle massage to encourage total relaxation.

Blocks & bolsters are used to increase the ability of students to find gradual opening without strain. Students are guided through meditation and soft breathing techniques. Boost the immune system and quiet the nervous system to reduce stress in the body, mind, and spirit.

Yin - Deep Stretch Hammock Yoga & Meditation

50 minutes of deep stretch using the support and/or suspension of low hanging silk hammocks. 10 minutes of meditative space in your silk. All levels. Each yogi adapts the shape/asana to suit their body and practice (props offered). Yin poses are held from two to five minutes, gently stressing joints and connective tissues. The fascia is released, that network of tissues which surround and separate other tissues and muscles. Joints are strengthened; fascia becomes lubricated and adaptive. The overall yin practice activates parasympathetic nervous system: inducing rest and digest, creating deep relaxation, and ultimately fresh neurological connections.

Hammock Meditation

Experience deep relaxation while sinking peacefully into the comfort and support of the aerial hammock.  During this 50 minute session, there will be a guided meditation, readings from inspirational and relevant books/writings, quiet time with no music,  and live harmonium or singing bowl music.  We hope you will leave feeling refreshed and renewed.

What you need to know for your first aerial yoga class:

  • Students must arrive a minimum of 10 minutes before the start of class to size the hammock properly
  • If student is not there by 10 minutes before class your space may be given to another student
  • Students cannot take class without hammock properly sized 10 minutes before class
  • Aerial Yoga is not included in our yoga packages – Price is $20: Aerial Drop-In
  • Limited to 13 Students. Recommend pre-registering:
    • Aerial Late Cancellation Fee is $15 if not cancelled within 6 hours before class begins
    • If no-show, full price of class charged because hammock was reserved and another student was not able to practice
  • Clothing Requirements: short or long sleeves (no tank tops); no zippers or metal.  No jewelry.  No yoga mats required.

Clothing Requirements:

  • Wear short or long sleeves (no tank tops) so that deodorant doesn’t damage the fabric and for your comfort in poses in the hammock.
  • Wear clothing with no zippers or sharp points.
  • No jewelry (we have storage for you if you take it off there!), make-up, essential oil, or perfume on your body because it will damage the hammock.
  • No yoga mats required.

Physical Restrictions

  • Physical Restrictions: Please talk to the instructor before class if you have any concerns. People who have heart disease, high blood pressure, vertigo, eye diseases (such as glaucoma), or are pregnant should consult their doctors first before trying inversions.

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