Member Highlight of the Month; learn more about Dave!
1. How did yoga find you?
Yoga found me after I realized I was spending too much time and money on chiropractor visits and physical therapy. After my first Hot Flow with Erin, I was hooked! Next thing you know, yoga and meditation became part of my daily routine. And it’s been great now that I can tie my shoes without worrying about pulling my hamstring.
2. What is your favorite thing about being a part of In Balance Yoga’s community?
My favorite part about the community is how welcoming everyone is. When I first started, you could tell I had no clue what I was doing. The instructors helped me when I needed it, and I didn’t feel like anyone was laughing at how bad I was.
3. Any last thoughts to share?
Since starting at In Balance, I have met some awesome people and I’m blessed to have such an awesome community.

Staff Member Highlight of the Month- Meet Emily!
1. What are you most excited about sharing in your classes?
I am most excited about sharing my joy and passion for dance with others. I absolutely love combining the expressive nature of dance with energizing cardio to make you feel confident, motivated and healthy!
2. What is your favorite thing about being a part of In Balance Yoga’s community?
My favorite thing about being part of In Balance Yoga’s community is the warm, positive energy that radiates from the members and staff every time I am there. I love how supportive everyone is within the community whether it be participating in a class for a specific cause or simply just being present for a class for either the instructors or members, we are all here to help motivate and support one another.
3. Any last thoughts to share?
I love and look forward to seeing my students return each week to learn and become more comfortable and confident with fun dance fitness routines. I’m also excited to meet new faces who want to come join the dance party with us on Wednesday evenings at 6pm!