To provide our yogis with a community of movement, breath, mindfulness, sweat and service in a space they feel at hOMe – “Welcome OM!”


In Balance Yoga was founded by Becky McDaniel in December of 2009. Becky decided to pursue her calling and attended seminary in the Episcopal Church. She sold the studio to her childhood friends and also Blacksburg natives, Nicole and Justin Boyle in July of 2013. In Balance Yoga expanded to 1512 N. Main Street in July of 2017, custom built studio by Justin Boyle’s green construction company – Green Valley Builders, Inc.

Our mission is to support and lead a yoga community that practices and provides a variety of yoga to all populations and is passionate about giving back to each other and our planet!  To progress and expand our community we offer an array of studio classes, trainings, workshops, and retreats within our yoga studio and globally.

In Balance Yoga is a social entrepreneurship business model giving back each quarter to 3 different non-profits from public classes, workshops, trainings and fundraisers and also hosting many other donations classes to support causes and organizations locally, regionally, nationally and internationally that hold a special place in our students’ hearts.

We value positivity, service, connection, and fun with a passion for sharing movement!

Nicole Fitzwater Boyle, Owner & Instructor, Kunga Yoga School Faculty Apprentice, E-RYT500, YACEP, Chief Yoga Nerd 🤓

Nicole is a Blacksburg native. She attended the University of Virginia and graduated with a B.S. in Commerce from the McIntire School of Commerce in 2001, and after 15 years of living away from the New River Valley returned home to her roots and her and her husband, Justin, purchased In Balance Yoga in the summer of 2013 from Becky McDaniel. Yoga found Nicole in January 2006 and they have been inseparable ever since.  Nicole has practiced in studios all over the country and even internationally, focusing on the Bikram, Barkan, Baptiste, Ashtanga, Dharma Yoga traditions and most recently – the Kunga Yoga School.   Her teachers include D’ana Baptiste, Becky McDaniel, Dharma Mittra, Jimmy Barkan and Kristin Cooper-Gulak.  Nicole is grateful to her mentors and influencers over the years:  Brittanie DeChino, Cindy Lunsford, Justin Blazejewski, Brendan Lentz, Lisa Rapp, Akke Hulburt, Lizzie Clark, Jennifer Elliott, Jeanmarie Paolillo, Colleen Dwyer and Noelle Whittington to name a few.

She completed her:

  • 200 Hour Foundational Teacher Training with Becky McDaniel in 2013 at In Balance Yoga Studio
  • 500 Hour with Sri Dharma Mittra in NYC at the Dharma Yoga Center, Life of A Yogi program in 2014
  • 300 Hour with Jimmy Barkan in Ft. Lauderdale, FL in the Barkan Method of Hot Yoga in October 2017
  • Began her third 300 Hour Certification with Kunga Yoga School at Wilmington Yoga Center in March 2017
  • Began two-year apprenticeship under Kristin Cooper-Gulak with Wilmington Yoga Center and the Kunga Yoga School beginning her Professional Kunga Yoga Trainer Certification in 2017
  • Restorative Yoga Teacher Training with Colleen Dwyer in 2015 & 2016 at In Balance Yoga studio
  • Certified in First, Second, and Advanced Degree Reiki Master with Nicola-Jayne Aymes, International Center for Reiki Training and Holy Fire from 2014-2015 at Reiki Journey
  • Reiki for Animals with Nicola-Jayne Aymes in 2015 at Reiki Journey
  • Advanced Art of Assisting with Baptiste Yoga in 2015 with Brandon Compagnone
  • Anatomy Workshop with Akke Hulburt and Chris Pohowsky (20 CEUs) 2016 and 2017
  • Kunga Yoga 5Elements Flow & Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training with Kristin Cooper-Gulak at Wilmington Yoga Center (32 Hours) in May 2016 and with Noelle Whittington in December 2017 at In Balance Yoga Studio
  • Five Hour Yin Training with Cindy Lunsford in November 2016 at In Balance Yoga Studio
  • Attended Service Retreat with Kunga Yoga and worked at Homes of Hope Orphanage in India in December 2016 – January 2017
  • Kunga Yoga Service Leadership: Yoga for PTSD and Special Populations Teacher Training in March 2017
  • NuPower Method: Power Yoga + Strength Training in March 2017
  • Certified in Aerial Yoga with FlyDog Yoga in April 2017
  • Kunga Pre and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training at Wilmington Yoga Center in October 2017
  • Kunga Yoga for Seniors Teacher Training October 2017 at In Balance Yoga Studio
  • Kunga Yoga Hands on Assisting Teacher Training, November 2017 at Wilmington Yoga Center
  • Attended Mindbody University, November 2017, Boston, MA
  • Kunga Detox Vinyasa Teacher Training in April 2018 at Wilmington Yoga Center
  • Kunga Gentle and Meditation Yoga Teacher Training in April 2018 at In Balance Yoga Studio
  • Kunga Vinyasa and Power Flow Teacher Training at Wilmington Yoga Center in May 2018

Nicole teaches at In Balance Yoga and anywhere she can throughout the New River Valley Community.  She has taught at Floyd Yoga Jam since 2015.  Nicole teaches heated and non-heated Flow, Barkan Method, Power Flow + Weights, Dharma Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Pool Yoga and Paddle Board Yoga regularly and private sessions and groups.

Before having her dream job and becoming the Owner of In Balance Yoga, Nicole worked in development with both Virginia Tech and the University of Virginia for 5 years, 7 years in sports marketing with CBS Sports (University of Maryland, Virginia, LSU, Utah and corporate) and advertising with BBDO New York on the Gillette account. Nicole loves to share movement and breath and to meet each student where they are on their mat. Yoga helped her find her true self and self-care and she hopes to cultivate a community of service at In Balance Yoga to impact those in need in the area and beyond. Nicole is grateful to her husband, Justin, who helps with the studio every day. They have a dog, Ogden, and a cat, Hobie. Nicole has been a practicing vegan since September 2014.  Nicole’s advice: practice yoga with as many teachers in as many places as you can…to learn and live as much as possible.  Travel! Be receptive.   #practice #alwaysastudent #lifelonglearning #movement #community #service #om

Keala Mason, Studio Manager & Instructor, RYT250

Keala hails from Harrisonburg, Virginia. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Art & Art History and her Masters degree in Kinesiology from James Madison University. Keala previously worked as the Coordinator of Sport Clubs & Youth Programs at JMU Recreation Center. She was a fitness instructor and yoga teacher at JMU throughout undergraduate, graduate school, and as a professional. She taught for four studios in Harrisonburg and was on adjunct faculty for JMU and Blue Ridge Community College.

She completed her:

  • Group Cycling Specialty Certification, June 2010
  • 200 Hour with YogaFit, June 2010
  • Kids Yoga Training, June 2010
  • NETA Group Exercise Certification, May 2013
  • ACE Group Fitness Exercise Certification, July 2014
  • Barre Certification, June 2014
  • 250 Hour with Evolation, August 2014
  • Barre Connect Specialty Certification, May 2015
  • Restorative Yoga Teacher Training with Colleen Dwyer, October 2016
  • NuPower Sculpt: Power Yoga + Weights with Cindy Lunsford, March 2017
  • Yin Yoga Training with Cindy Lunsford, November 2017
  • Aerial Yoga Certification with FlyDog Yoga, April 2017
  • Started her 300 Hour with Jimmy Barkan and the Barkan Method of Hot Yoga Level II / III in Fort Lauderdale, FL, October 2017
  • Aerial Yoga Level II Certification with FlyDog Yoga, March 2018

Keala is a seasoned fitness instructor in numerous fitness formats (TRX, barre, aerobics, dance, spin) – but her favorite to teach and practice is yoga. She blends both challenge and compassion in her classes and loves learning more and relating to each student. Off of her mat you can find her listening to music, running outside on trails, exploring nature, reading, writing, watching movies, and traveling.

Lisa Pelanne, Kunga Yoga School 200 HR Teacher Training Apprentice & Instructor, RYT500 

Lisa is a yoga and dance teacher living and practicing in beautiful Virginia. She offers whole body and mind fitness through movement and meditation practices that facilitate an authentic connection to our bodies and selves by incorporating gratitude, joy, and compassion, resulting in a deep sense of calm, balance, and acceptance of self and others.

She completed her 200-hour foundational yoga teacher training with Nicole Boyle in 2016 at In Balance Yoga in Blacksburg, Virginia and her 300-hour Kunga Yoga Service Leadership Yoga Teacher Training at the Wilmington Yoga Center in North Carolina in June 2018. She is currently apprenticing the Kunga Yoga 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Noelle Whittington and Kristin Cooper-Gulak at In Balance Yoga in Blacksburg, Virginia.

Her areas of study include:

  • Yin Yoga with Richard Gartner in May 2016
  • Barkan Method Hot Yoga with Nicole Boyle in June 2016
  • Vinyasa with Nicole Boyle in June 2016
  • Restorative Yoga with Colleen Dwyer in October 2016
  • Yin Yoga with Cindy Lunsford in November 2016
  • Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga with Gracia Gimse McKinley in January 2017
  • NuPowerYoga with Cindy Lunsford in March 2017
  • Elements of Dance with Pat Cohen, National Dance Education Organization in July 2017
  • Kunga Restorative Yoga with Noelle Whittington in July 2017
  • 5Elements Vinyasa Flow with Noelle Whittington in August 2017
  • Kunga Anatomy of Yoga with Jessica Hartmann in September 2017
  • Kunga Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga with Heather Metzler in October 2017
  • Kunga Hands-on Assisting with Noelle Whittington in November 2017
  • Kunga Business of Yoga with Jessica Bichler in December 2017
  • Kunga Gentle Yoga and Meditation with Jessica Bichler in January 2018
  • Kunga Kids Yoga with Jessica Bichler in February 2018
  • Kunga Yoga Service Leadership: Yoga for PTSD & Special Populations with Kristin Cooper-Gulak in March 2018
  • Kunga Detox Vinyasa Teacher Training with Kristin Cooper-Gulak in April 2018
  • Kunga Vinyasa and Power Flow Teacher Training at Wilmington Yoga Center in May 2018
  • Kunga Senior Yoga with Jamie Annette in June 2018
  • Yin Yoga with Bernie Clark in June 2018
  • The Yoga Way: Toward Psychological Health & Wellbeing with Holle Black in July 2018

In addition to her yoga training, Lisa also studies classical ballet and other forms of dance. She teaches classical ballet to all ages as well as technique-based ballet barre fitness classes to all levels. She believes dance and creative movement is for every body and infuses the elements of strength, balance, flexibility, breath, humor, love, and a deep knowledge of human anatomy and physiology into all of her classes.

Lisa received her BS in Biology from The College of William and Mary in 1996 and her MS in Immunology and Microbiology from Virginia Tech in 2002. She has been a teacher for over 20 years in a variety of disciplines including Biology, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Oenology, Analytical Chemistry, and the Art of Movement.  When she’s not in the studio, she loves being outdoors, being on the water, finding quiet spaces, and taking her yoga off the mat. Namaste!

Betsy Walker, Part-Time New Student and New Membership Educator & Instructor, RYT200

Betsy Walker began to appreciate the mental, physical, and spiritual well-being that yoga cultivates over a decade ago, but more recently decided she wanted to share the practice of yoga with others as an instructor.  Betsy completed her 200 Hour Foundational Yoga Teacher Training certification in 2015 after a 10-month training program with Satsang Yoga at In Balance Yoga. Betsy received her certification as a 5Elements Flow Yoga teacher with the Kunga Yoga School and Kristin Cooper-Gulak with Noelle Whittington at IBY in December 2017. She loves teaching the hot series, as well as sharing an invigorating yet accessible vinyasa practice supported by a great playlist. Betsy has also completed restorative yoga trainings and works with children and private clients.  Betsy is currently pursuing her Kunga 300 Hour Yoga & Lifestyle Teacher Training through the Kunga Yoga School at In Balance Yoga Studio.

In addition to her passion for the practice and philosophy of Yoga, Betsy loves reading, traveling, horseback riding, and spending time with her family, friends and dogs.

That Dude JOnny, Part Time Kunga Yoga Teacher Trainer Promoter & Instructor, RYT200

What’s good world?!?!? I am That Dude J0nny and I’m here to talk to YOU! This is not your average bio, because I’m not your “average yogi”. A proud son of the Blue Ridge Mountains I have lived in this area most all of my life. Foregoing a collegiate football career at Virginia Tech, I graduated in 2013 and traveled the country attending and working numerous concerts and festivals searching for myself and my purpose. Instead I found addiction and depression.

Fortunately, these circumstances led me to the practice of meditation which later led to the practice of yoga. I returned to Blacksburg in 2015 to work for an upstart which eventually led to meeting Nicole Boyle and In Balance Yoga Studio. My practice increased at the studio as my work in corporate sales led to unbearable stress and old habits.

Visibly distressed, Nicole suggested I attend the first Kunga Yoga class taught at the studio by Narayani Noelle Whittington. That class changed my life. The next day I quit my job, began my path to sobriety, and a month later enrolled in our first Kunga Yoga 200 HR YTT where I was taught by Narayani, Kunga Yoga founder Kristin Cooper-Gulak, and our fearless leader Nicole Boyle. In the time since I have also been a grateful apprentice and OMmie to Yogi J Miles of Richmond, VA.

I share the details of my yoga journey to emphasize that I am not this perfect, polished, put-together yoga teacher on a pedestal that we often think of when we see teachers in our classes or in the media. I’m just a regular dude, that found a means to better myself. I use the music I love, the humility of my struggles, and the compassion shown to me by my teachers and this community in EVERY class I teach. My mission is to help you discover yourself and your truth, the benefits of this practice, and a way to overcome life’s difficulties without having to hit the lows I did to do so. If you’re already in those lows, know that I’m here for you; this practice is here for you; this studio is here for you. They helped make me who I am today. And now I return the favor.

One Love!!!


1512 N. Main Street

Blacksburg, VA 24060